Save on cloud costs!

Using TEMPULESS you can save up to 50% on your Microsoft Azure Cloud costs! TEMPULESS enables you to automatically take down your virtual machines and cloud services on during quiet hours and put them back online when you need them. By simply configuring TEMPULESS you’ll create a schedule of your environment telling it when to take your environment offline and when to put it back online just as you left it. Think about it…do you really need your Virtual Machines and Cloud Services up and running after closing hours? How about your development and test environments? See how simple it is and sign up today!


TEMPULESS - We support small businesses to enterprises.

Always the right fit

We support small businesses to enterprises.

TEMPULESS - Save money on your cloud costs.

A money saver

You can achieve significant savings.

TEMPULESS - An easy to use portal.

Easy to use

Schedule quiet hours, enjoy automated deployments.